Innovative IoT Solutions: Customized, Efficient, and Ready to Deploy

Pricing & Timeline

Experience top-tier firmware and application development with us. Our experts utilize latest technology to deliver customized, efficient, and secure solutions that propel your business forward. Trust us to transform your innovative visions into reality.

Hourly Rate
$ 0

We offer flexible hourly rates starting at $75, rising to $200 for complex projects.

For clients with defined project scopes, we also provide a fixed rate option, ensuring budget predictability and alignment with project goals.

Planning Time
0 days

Our planning and consultation phase lasts between 7 to 21 days.

During this critical period, we focus on aligning with your goals through detailed requirement gathering and strategic planning

Project Duration
0 weeks

Development and testing range from 8 weeks to 6 months, according to the project’s complexity.

This phase is dedicated to rigorous development, testing, and iteration, ensuring final delivery meets your specifications.

Proficiency & Criteria

Adopting industry-leading standards like ISO/IEC 12207 and IEEE 830, we ensure our software development meets global excellence criteria, enabling scalability and reliability in every project we undertake.

Service Flow

Our process transforms your initial concept into the ideal solution through Agile methodologies, ensuring flexibility, continuous improvement, and alignment with your goals from inception to final delivery.

Development Workflow

We meticulously convert concepts into tangible products, integrating best practices in coding, version control with Git, and automated testing to deliver high-quality firmware and applications tailored to your needs.