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Design To Prototype

At Coiliiot, we excel in turning sophisticated PCB design concepts into tangible, high-quality prototypes that pave the way to final products. Our methodical approach ensures precision, efficiency, and innovation.

From here, we unveil the steps involved in our PCB design and prototype process, highlighting how we bring your most complex electronic ideas to life.

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Understanding the client’s needs and the functionality required of the PCB.

Establishing performance specifications, environmental conditions, and regulatory requirements.


Schematic Capture

Creating a detailed circuit diagram that serves as a blueprint for the PCB design.

Components are selected based on functionality, availability, and compliance with specifications.


PCB Layout Design

Translating the schematic diagram into a physical board layout.

Deciding on the placement of components and the routing of electrical connections.

Employing software tools to simulate and optimize the layout for performance and manufacturability.



Producing a small batch of PCBs using rapid prototyping technology.

This involves material selection, PCB fabrication, and assembly.


Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing of the prototype to ensure it meets all design specifications.

Functional testing to verify that the PCB performs as required under all operational conditions.



Analyzing the prototype’s performance and gathering feedback.

Making necessary revisions to address any issues or to improve functionality.



Once the prototype is finalized, a pre-production run is initiated to ensure scalability.

Final testing is performed to guarantee that the production version complies with all requirements.


Documentation & Release

Finalizing all product documentation, including assembly instructions and user guides.

Preparing the PCB design for release and manufacturing at scale.

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