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Turnkey Assembly

Our turnkey assembly service streamlines your PCB project from concept to completion.

Upon inquiry, expect a response within 24 hours. Our quote process, typically completed within 48 hours, details costs transparently, based on a competitive hourly rate and precise price calculation methods.

The design and prototyping phase spans 4-6 weeks, using industry-leading CAD tools like Altium and Eagle.

We ensure high customer involvement through regular updates and feedback opportunities. Trust us to handle your PCB needs with utmost professionalism and integrity.

Trust Our Clear Process

Our process is structured and clear, ensuring predictable results and consistent quality.


Initial Inquiry

Reach out through our contact form, email, or phone to provide project specifications, intended PCB use, and budget.

We'll review the details, hold a consultation to discuss potential design challenges and solutions, and adjust the project scope based on your feedback to ensure all requirements are met.


Quote & Proposal

We provide a detailed quote including cost breakdowns for design, materials, and manufacturing, along with a project timeline.

Accept the proposal digitally or via purchase order and submit any changes within 3 business days to ensure your project meets your exact needs without delay.



Our design phase involves converting specifications into detailed CAD designs, utilizing tools like Altium and Eagle for optimization.

We ensure customer involvement through iterative feedback, ensuring the design meets all requirements.



We offer rapid prototyping with advanced technologies for various PCB configurations, accompanied by rigorous quality assurance tests to ensure each prototype meets specified standards.


Quality Control

Each PCB undergoes extensive testing for electrical performance and reliability, adhering to IPC standards.

Integrated quality control throughout the manufacturing process ensures high standards.



Post-prototype testing, we seek your final approval before setting up mass production.

Customers receive comprehensive documentation, including design files, assembly instructions, and production schematics, to facilitate replication and scaling.

Collaborate With Us

We encourage your input at each stage to refine and perfect your project.