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Proficiency & Criteria

Our company provides software development services across various platforms using operating systems like FreeRTOS for embedded systems and MBED OS for microcontroller applications.

We follow strict coding standards and management practices, including the use of MISRA C guidelines and Google's ESLint rules, to maintain clean and efficient code.

Our development environment supports the creation of robust software solutions that integrate seamlessly with diverse hardware and cloud infrastructures.

Development Expertise

Explore our expertise in crafting tailored software solutions across embedded systems, modern web technologies, and versatile desktop platforms.
Our areas of expertise in software development include, but are not limited to:


Expertly manage real-time operations and multitasking in embedded systems.


Specialize in creating secure, low-power IoT devices with advanced connectivity.


Develop secure, connected IoT applications with proficiency in MBED OS.


Skilled in rapidly prototyping electronic projects and IoT solutions with Arduino.


Craft cross-platform desktop applications seamlessly using Electron.

React Js

Build dynamic and responsive user interfaces proficiently with React Js.

Spring Boot

Efficiently develop robust, enterprise-level backend services with Spring Boot.

Node Js

Execute scalable server-side applications and services expertly using Node.js.

Code Management

Delve into our meticulous approach to code quality, featuring standardized testing protocols and cutting-edge code management practices.

Version Control

Utilize Git, SVN, and Mercurial for robust version control, ensuring efficient collaboration and tracking of all changes across our project developments.

Coding Reviews

Follow MISRA C guidelines and employ ESLint for JavaScript to maintain high code quality. Regular peer reviews further enhance our coding standards.

Integration Practices

Implement continuous integration with tools like Jenkins and Travis CI, alongside comprehensive unit testing frameworks such as JUnit and Mocha to ensure software reliability.

Explore Our GitHub

Visit our GitHub page to view our comprehensive codebase, documentation, and demos, and see our solutions in action.

Browse Our Code

Dive into our well-documented codebase to see the precision and clarity behind our innovative software solutions. Examine how we leverage advanced frameworks and architectures to build robust applications.

Review Our Documentation

Access detailed documentation for a deeper understanding of our methodologies and frameworks, enhancing user and developer engagement. Discover comprehensive guides and resources that clarify our development processes.

Try Our Demos

Experiment with our interactive demos to witness firsthand the capabilities and performance of our applications in real-world scenarios. Explore practical implementations and see the effectiveness of our software solutions.